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March 11, 2022

The solution to the burning edge of fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine will generate a lot of heat during processing, which will cause the cutting of the workpiece to be charred, which is called edge burning. Next, the manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine - Wuhan Huayucheng CNC Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to understand how to solve the problem of burning edge of fiber laser cutting machine.

1. The solution to the over-burning of the fiber laser cutting machine when cutting small holes in carbon steel: In carbon steel cutting with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, the key to solving the problem is how to prevent the generation of oxidation reaction heat. The method of assisting oxygen during perforation and switching to assist air or nitrogen to cut after hysteresis can be used. This method can process small holes of 1/6 thick plate. Low frequency, high peak output power pulse cutting conditions have the characteristics of reducing heat output, which helps to optimize cutting conditions. Setting the conditions as a single pulsed laser beam, high peak output with high energy intensity, and low frequency conditions can reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process and reduce heat output.

2. The solution of fiber laser cutting machine in cutting aluminum alloy and stainless steel: in the processing of such materials, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, and no edge burning will occur during cutting. However, due to the temperature of the material inside the small hole If it is very high, the phenomenon of slag hanging on the inside will be more frequent. The solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the conditions to high peak output, low frequency pulse conditions. When the auxiliary gas uses air, it is the same as when using nitrogen. Overburning will not occur, but it is easy to form slag at the bottom. The conditions need to be set to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low frequency pulse conditions.

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