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March 17, 2022

Difference between traditional surface treatment and laser cleaning

Traditional industrial cleaning methods include mechanical friction cleaning method, chemical corrosion cleaning method, liquid solid jet cleaning method and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning method. Although they have been widely used in industrial cleaning industry, the application of traditional cleaning methods has been greatly limited when the requirements of environmental protection regulations are more and more strict and high-precision devices are more and more widely used in China. Mechanical cleaning method has high cleanliness, but it is easy to damage the substrate. Chemical corrosion cleaning method belongs to stress-free cleaning, but the pollution is heavy. Especially when the dirt composition is complex, a variety of cleaning agents must be selected for repeated cleaning to meet the requirements of surface cleanliness. Liquid solid jet cleaning has high flexibility, but the relative cost is high, which needs to consume a lot of water and solid impurities, and the later waste liquid treatment is also complex; Although the high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning method has good cleaning effect, it is powerless to clean the submicron dirt particles with strong adhesion. The size of the cleaning tank limits the size range of the cleaned workpiece, and the drying after cleaning is also a big problem.
Laser cleaning is an efficient and green cleaning technology. Compared with chemical cleaning, it does not need any chemical agent and cleaning solution; Compared with mechanical cleaning, it has no grinding, no stress, no consumables and minimal damage to the matrix (cultural relics calligraphy and painting cleaning); The laser can be guided by optical fiber transmission to clean the parts that are difficult to reach, with a wide range of application (nuclear pipeline cleaning); It is also applicable to a wide range of objects, including rust removal, paint removal, dirt removal and wafer surface treatment; High cleanliness (it can remove pollution particles below nanometer level). This technology has been applied in various fields internationally (mold cleaning and fighter coating cleaning), but it has just started in China.

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