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March 14, 2022

Advantages of handheld laser welding machine

The operation is simple, no professional welding experience is required, simple training can be started in 2 hours.


Super fast welding speed, 1 hand-held laser welding machine can basically replace the output of 3 to 5 ordinary welding machines.




3 welding can be basically no consumables, cost saving in production.


4 after welding, the weld is smooth and white, and basically can be done without polishing.


5 Laser welding machine energy concentration, thermal reflection range is small, the product is not easy to deformation.


Laser welding machine energy concentration, welding strength is very high.


Laser welding machine energy and power by digital control, can meet all kinds of welding requirements, such as full penetration, penetration, spot welding and other requirements.


To sum up, laser welding machine the equipment can replace the traditional welding equipment, handheld laser welding has, simple operation, fast welding speed, beautiful and bright white welding seam and so on, in the market has been unanimously praised.

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